20 03 2012

A collective groan went up around the office yesterday when news of Peyton Manning’s anticipated signing with the Denver Broncos was first reported by ESPN. It’s not that the folks around me dislike Peyton Manning, who in addition to being a certain future Hall of Fame quarterback, is also a very good guy.

It’s just that, to quote Sue McFadden, a colleague on my team, “I love my Timmy.” In fact, her Facebook status summed up the sentiments of many, I think:

“I’m allowing myself 24 hours to be pouty over this Peyton Manning thing, then I’ll move on. Of course, if Tim Tebow gets traded, I get to add another 24 hours. But at the end of the day (or two days, as it were) I’ll still be a Broncos fan for life!”

Read the full article here:





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