Complete Book of Combat With Mum (A Chinese Child’s Tutorial)

14 12 2011

The Tiger Mother, Amy Chua‘s, children could take lessons from this Chinese primer of awesome and practical advice from two 10 year old girls from China. The book contains twenty stratagies for avoiding punishment from mom. I really could’ve used a translation of this growing up.  The authors are Chen Leshui and Deng Xinyi. Leshui’s father uploaded the guide on to China’s equivalent of Twitter, where it has gone viral.

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 Tactic #17: After your mother has yelled at you, you can: Shout that you’re going to run away, take some things, run to the stairs, and run down crying. Style: Soft

Tactic #18: When your mother is yelling at you, you suddenly say: “May I go to the toilet? This way you can hide in the bathroom. Style: Sort of hard. Note: Best used sparingly.

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