Pan Am: A Flight in the Wrong Direction?

27 09 2011

I just viewed last night the season premiere of Pam Am recorded on my DVR. This new ABC baby had the best nurses and obstetricians available and at a premium cost. The results?

The color vibe seemed off. It felt too modern and too antiseptic too my eyes.

The taxi cab was made to match the new jet with pristine cleanliness and shine. Hardly.

The story of the making of a flight attendant spy lacked finesse or real danger; or mistakes for that matter.

I told my wife that I would give it a 6.9 out of 10 last night. Thinking again I would give it a 7.3 as I think I was trying to rate it to expectation than comparing it to other shows.

The wife of the adulterous husband who figured out the affair and called-out the stewardess was well done and a good moral story.

Will I watch the ongoing series? Maybe. Let’s see if they earn their wings.





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