Obama Stops Oil Leak with Torpedo – EXCLUSIVE

26 05 2010

It has just been confirmed that President Obama has personally stopped the deep water oilwell leak in the Gulf of Mexico at 3:05PM EST.  He skippered a one man submarine and blasted the well with a “High Tech Torpedo.” News reports from Bobblehead Central confirm that he succeeded on the first attempt. Reports from surface ships confirm that the leak has stopped as the resulting implosion sealed off the flow of oil to the sea floor.  

The President will be speaking from the Oval Office at 9:00 PM EST.   

Detailed below is an accurate diagram of the torpedo launch at one mile below the ocean surface.

Diagram by thebobblehead.wordpress.com




2 responses

16 06 2010

I KNEW he could do it……… He’s the President and Presidents can do anything …………not only the current Decider but the Action Guy who, because he is the President, can and must do anything in his Super Presidential Powers to make things happen……next , he will personally fly up into the earthly heavens and stop green house gasses from trapping heat in our atmosphere………..the ice caps will stop melting and glaciers will re appear where they once were …………oh , and he will also bring back the bees and the frogs and every species of plant and animal that has gone extinct because of man’s destructive intervention in this world………It’s almost like he is God………..

16 06 2010

You left out “White Nose Disease in Bats”

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