Carbon Motors – E7 FOTOS / VIDS

23 03 2010

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Our Focus

Security is at the forefront of communities’ concerns throughout the United States; criminals and terrorists have access to weapons, tools, vehicles and technology that often outpace what is available to law enforcement agencies, putting our first responders at a serious disadvantage.

‘Up-fitted’ retail passenger cars being used nationwide as law enforcement vehicles are just one example of this disadvantage. Our singular focus is to provide first responders with a world-class, high-performance, cost-effective law enforcement vehicle that enables officers to work more efficiently and safely as they protect and serve our communities.

For the officer on the south side of Chicago who was injured because of a poorly equipped squad car, it matters to us. For the mayors and city councils struggling in Michigan to meet a budget amidst surging fuel prices, it matters to us. For the fleet administrator in Georgia frustrated because it takes 9 months to get a police car out on patrol, it matters to us. For the chief of police in California attempting to recruit new officers and reduce turnover in his department, it matters to us. For the federal agent in DC that could not communicate with other officers during a crisis in Louisiana as a city drowned, it matters to us.

When officers die in the line of duty, not because of a criminal action, but because our country has failed to provide them the appropriate equipment to patrol our homeland, it matters to us. It affects our communities, our livelihood, and it is a direct reflection of our competitiveness as a nation. These officers serve our country with honor and no different than a solider in a theater of war, these brave women and men in uniform deserve world-class equipment and capabilities. Nothing less. Carbon Motors will rectify this injustice that has gone on for far, far too long.

All-new purpose-built vehicle platform exclusively for law enforcement

  • Meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements
  • Designed to 250,000 mile durability specification
  • Turn-key built-to-direct-order – 24/7/365 call center support
  • Turn-key end-of-vehicle-life process
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Aluminum spaceframe body structure
  • 75 mph rear impact crash capability
  • Cockpit with fully-integrated factory fitted law enforcement equipment
  • Integrated emergency lights, spot lights, take down lights, and directional stick
  • Segment exclusive coach rear doors for safer suspect ingress and egress
  • Vehicle dynamic control
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Optimized approach / departure angles and ground clearance
  • NIJ Level III-A (or better) ballistic protection (front doors and dash panel)
  • Purpose-designed seat for use with on-body equipment – Heated and ventilated seats
  • Heads up display
  • Reverse backup camera
  • Remote start capability
  • Driver specific intelligent key
  • 360 degree exterior surveillance capability
  • Automatic license plate recognition system
  • Video and audio surveillance of rear passenger compartment
  • 130hz – 350hz bass siren
  • Nightvision compliant interior illumination
  • Integrated forward looking infrared system (FLIR)
  • Integrated shotgun mounts
  • Optimized storage capability (compartment and cargo)
  • Integrated front and rear passenger compartment partition
  • Hoseable rear passenger compartment
  • Integrated push bumpers and PIT capability





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