History of The Colts – World Champions

1 02 2010

History of The Indianapolis Colts

Storied Baltimore franchise came to Indianapolis in 1984

File updated: 1-14-2008



For nearly 40 years the Colts called Baltimore home. During that time, with players such as Johnny Unitas and coaches such as Don Shula, the Colts enjoyed great success and popularity. The team won two World Championships, and the 1971 Super Bowl.



But after three more division titles in the mid-70s, the Colts went into a decline, posting a 2-14 record in 1980 and an 0-8-1 record in the strike-shortened 1982 season. Owner Robert Irsay, who acquired the Colts in 1972, wanted the city of Baltimore to upgrade its stadium. But with attendance dwindling and the team playing poorly, city officials were wary of such an investment. Relations between Irsay and the city worsened, and he began shopping his team around to other cities hungry for an NFL franchise.

Among the cities who very much wanted a team was Indianapolis. Under the administrations of mayors Richard Lugar and William Hudnut, the city was making an ambitious effort to reinvent itself into a `Great American City.’ The Hoosier Dome (later renamed the RCA Dome) had been built and was ready for an NFL expansion team.

The deal to bring the Colts to Indianapolis came together in late March 1984 and Irsay and Hudnut arranged for the franchise to move from Baltimore immediately, and secretly, overnight, before the official announcement on March 29.

Since arriving in Indianapolis, the Colts have had many dismal seasons, interspersed with a few years that gave their fans hope. With the help of players such as Eric Dickerson and Jim Harbaugh, the team made the playoffs in 1987, 1995 and 1996. In 1995 the Colts just missed winning the AFC Championship game – and a trip to the Super Bowl – when a last-second pass was dropped in the end-zone.

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