Walmart – Caskets for October 31

29 10 2009

Watch for falling prices . . .

I heard this on NPR and I thought it was a joke, but alas, it is the truth!

Walmart is trying to finally bury their competition by the on-line sale of caskets.

How will they sell?

Will they be under the Health and Beauty, or the Lawn and Garden catagory?

Certainly not Sports and Fitness, nor  Furniture.

Hey, here they are under For the Home.

I think I like the:    Executive Privilege Steel Casket – $1,399.00

 This comes in high-gloss brush finish with, get this: PINSTRIPES!

Now for a few details:

What size is best?

What is their exchange or return  policy?

Do they allow “lay-away?” 

How much for a simple Urn?

Classic Radiance Keepsake Urn – $34.82

One final question:  When they start selling them in-strore, should they be placed next to the junk-food aisle or next to employee break room? 





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