9 Trillion Debt: Cost to your Daughter

1 09 2009



Just did some number crunching during a break at work.  The calculator on my computer was not up to the task.  Nor was my solar powered company issued model.  What is a soul to do?  I went on line and after three tries found a computation system of merit. 

Taking the White House estimate of the national debt in 10  years of 9 Trillion dollars and using the low-ball number of 300,000,000 people in the USA currently and dividing it up for each person (mother, father, child, aunt, cousin and grandparent, etc…)  I arrived at:


All we can do as good Americans is to cough  up  this amount now and the country and the current administration can rest assured that all is well in LaLa Land.







One response

1 09 2009

No. a true American doesn’t tolerate such things or the vermin who would cause them.

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