Smiley Faces & Emoticons: Feel The Joy!

11 08 2009

Thought this was fascinating.  Very helpful for interpreting incoming and spicing up out going messages.

Here are few examples of different smiley faces and emoticons and their sundry meanings:

  😦   sad
  :C   sad
  :*(   Sad
  :-\   sad
  }:-{   sad
  :o(   sad
  😦   sad
  ]:(:)(   Sad cow
  😦   sad face
  ;;   sadness
  😦   sadness
  (./\.)   saggy boobs
  \o/\o/   saggy breasts
  :-d   said with a smile
  :-Y   said with a smile
  4:-)   sailor
  0:)   saint
  O:-)   saintly
  :-9   salivating
  M:-)   salute
  *<|:o)>   santa
  *<|:-§>   Santa
  *<:-)>   Santa Claus
  *<[]:o{)>   Santa Claus
  o<:-}}   Santa claus
  *<:-)   Santa Claus
  *   Santa claus
  :->   sarcastic
  (:+(   scared
  >:o>   scheming


Icon Meaning
🙂 Standard smile
🙂 With nose
:-E Buck-tooth or Vampire
>-) Evil grin
😦 Sad or frown smile
😦 Sad with nose
:-< Super sad
😛 Sticking tongue out (raspberry)
(((H))) Hugs
:-X Kiss on the lips
`:-) One eyebrow raised
:^) A broken nose
:-& tongue tied
E-:-) a Ham radio operator
<:-) Uni-brow
:-> Big grin happy
(-}{-) Couple kissing
:-Q Smoking
$_$ Greedy
@@ Rolling your eyes
Icon Meaning
:-# With braces
:’-) Happy Crying
{:-) Toupee smile
😉 Winking smile
😉 Winking smile with nose
O:-) I’m an angel (boy)
O*-) I’m an angel (girl)
|-O Yawn
(:-D Gossip, blabbermouth
@>–;– Rose
@-}— Rose
())>— Rose
=^.^= Cat
O.o Confused
C=:-) A chef
A bunny
=-O Uh-oh”
~( 8^(I) Homer Simpson
Icon Meaning
:-! “Foot in mouth”
😀 Laughter
:*) Drunk smile
:@ Exclamation “What???”
:-@ Scream
:-0 Yell
%-( Confused
:—–) Long nose (Liar!)
:-.) Madonna
:-($) Put your money where your mouth is
(:I An egghead
|-O Yawning
:@) Pig smile
<(-_-)> Robot
d[-_-]b DJ with headphones
~:0 Baby
-@–@- Eyeglasses
\VVV/ King
\%%%/ Queen


 Guess what?  The formatting of this blog transformed many of the keystrokes into various smiley faces!  Go figure  😉




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