An Officer, Scholar and a President: Summit

30 07 2009

When I'm President, I'll get a beer in a taller glass!

How many Bud Lights did I have?

How many Bud Lights did I have?















We guess this qualifies as breaking news.

President Obama will drink Bud Light at the Thursday meeting with the African-American professor and white police officer who got in a dust-up earlier this month. Press secretary Robert Gibbs just made the announcement to the press pool on Air Force One.

The full menu looks set. Sgt. James Crowley, whose arrest of professor Henry Louis Gates at his home, touched off the incident, has indicated a preference for Blue Moon. Gates has said he likes Red Stripe.

“So we’ll have the gamut covered tomorrow afternoon,” Gibbs said.

Crowley charged Gates with disorderly conduct; Gates accused him of racial bias. The charges were dropped.

Obama, who first said the police acted “stupidly” but then backed off that comment, called the meeting in the hope that the incident could provide a “teachable moment” on race relations.

The planned location is a picnic table behind the Oval Office, weather permitting.

(Posted by David Jackson; photo by Jason Reed, Reuters)


Wow, It's HOT in D.C. In July!

A Beer in D.C.

A Beer in D.C.




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